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What is a lightly used device?

A ‘lightly used’ device is a non-certified, “brand-newish” device that has undergone functional testing and inspection to ensure it is in perfect working order. However, it doesn’t always mean that the device was ever actually used. In fact, if you get your hands on a premium-grade Smarter device, it could have just been returned after its box was opened - with everything in the box, still in mint condition.


In what state will the battery be?

All of our batteries at least 80% of their initial charging capacity. In the case where the performance of the battery is not satisfactory, you may use your warranty.

battery state

Are Smarter phones unlocked by a certain operator?


We offer both. Locked devices cost less, but restrict you to certain carriers. If your product is unlocked, it can run on all carrier plans, allowing you to get the most out of your purchase.

Is every device covered by a warranty?

You know it! To ensure you a completely secure purchase, all of our products come with a 3-month Warranty. You can download the warranty as an application with every device. This allows you to return your product should there be any issues with it. The guarantee does not support accidental damage, loss or theft but it covers all technical malfunctions. 

What do grades mean?
Our grades correspond to the visible state of the devices’ appearance. Our devices’ cosmetic conditions are graded as follows:

Premium - no signs of wear, our best and brightest

Medium - trace of wear, minor scratches

Basic - trace of wear, visible scratches

Eco - visible wear, deep scratches


Are there any shipping charges?

Shipping is free of charge when shopping Smarter :)

Which methods of payment are accepted?

Smarter accepts Paypal and every major credit card.

Are accessories included?

All of our products are carefully packaged before being shipped. All products are sold with their corresponding and compatible accessories, plus stock instruction manual(s) for quick and easy reference.


How do I track my package?


Tracking your package is easy. As soon as your package is shipped to you, you will receive an email with your UPS tracking number. Simply open your email and click on "Track my order" to do just that.

How do I recover my bill?

To generate your bill, simply go to the following link :


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